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First ever 3-D model of a real activated genion particle, rendered by Sabina Kuangaliyeva on October 29, 2022, with the use of data acquired during Spectacular Experiments at "LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius." © ORTA Collective / Courtesy of the Artist, 2022.

The New Genius

Based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the five-member ORTA Collective discovered the life and works of Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967), a Kazakhstani and Soviet artist known as "the Genius of the Absolute Interplanetary Category." Kalmykov creatively resisted Soviet norms by pretending insanity, developing unique artistic concepts and scientific ideas. Despite experiencing two World Wars, the Communist civil war, and Stalin’s terror, he maintained that everyone could lead a genius life, regardless of circumstances. Dying poor and unacknowledged in a psychiatric hospital in 1967, his legacy later found recognition; his artworks were housed in the State Museum of Arts, and his writings in the State Archive of Kazakhstan, with Kazakhstan dedicating its first pavilion at the Venice Biennale to him 55 years after his death.

The ORTA Collective suggests that Kalmykov may have influenced reality with his practices, similar to how science fiction visionaries in the past shaped modernity with their imaginations. They developed a theory from Kalmykov’s principles, dubbed the "New Genius." This theory posits that all beings harbor internal genius, termed "Genions," which can be activated under special conditions. Contrary to traditional views that equate genius with natural talent, the New Genius theory asserts that genius is an actionable choice, empowering anyone to live creatively and impact reality.

Introduced at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022, the New Genius concept was well-received, indicating its potential global relevance. The New Genius World Project aims to expand this philosophy, encouraging global participation in redefining genius beyond traditional artistic, scientific, and philosophical boundaries. Through this collective envisioning, the ORTA Collective invites everyone to contribute to this innovative school of thought, fostering a world shaped by shared creativity and future possibilities.


ORTA Collective is an interdisciplinary artistic group founded in 2015 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, by actress and performer Alexandra Morozova and director Rustem Begenov. Later, the collective was joined by contemporary artist Sabina Kuangaliyeva, artist Alexandr Bakanov, and photo and video designer Darya Jumelya. ORTA explores the possibilities of human creativity through the creation of Universal Projects that span theater, contemporary art, video and film, technology, philosophy, robotics, electronic engineering and crafts. Since 2016, ORTA's primary focus has been on the figure of Kazakhstani artist, writer, and inventor Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967), from whose life and texts the collective has been developing the New Genius Theory. This approach to life and creativity views genius as a practice that anyone can learn, rather than a natural gift bestowed upon exceptional people. Selected projects: Pop-mechanical performance ‘Medea.Material’ (co-production with Goethe-Institute, NET-2016 festival participant, nomination to Kuryokhin Gran-prix award); large-scale techno-mystery Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov (NEW DRAMA -2018 festival headliner, nomination to Kuryokhin Gran-prix award); LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Center for the New Genius (national pavilion of Kazakhstan at 59th Venice Biennale, 2022). ORTA is currently working on the Planetary Program on the creation of the first ever Great Atomic Bombreflector.

Selected publications: 

The Daily Telegraph
Cosmic Bulletin
The Art Newspaper
The Wallpaper
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ArtNet News
Angime magazine
Astana Times

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«Әр күннің ішінде»Суретші Сергей Калмыковтың теориялық
шығармасы алғаш рет қазақ тіліне аударылды

Күн сайын жер…

2019 жылы «Власть» редакциясымен бірге біз Калмыковтың орыс тіліндегі кітабын шығардық, 2022 жылы Қазақстан павильонында Венеция биенналесінде планетаға оның мәтіндерінің кітабын ағылшын тілінде ұсындық. Қазір біз Калмыковтың қазақ тіліндегі алғашқы кітабын басып шығаруға дайындалып жатырмыз және сіздерге осы болашақ кітаптың «Әр күннің ішінде» деп аталатын мәтінін қуана ұсынамыз. 

ORTA Collective x CultureHub

New York Spectacular Experiments on the Great Atomic Bombreflector

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

June 20 – 22, 2024

Thursday–Friday at 8:30PM ET

Saturday at 3PM ET

Free / Donate

La MaMa Experimental Theater Club

‍74 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

The Great Atomic Bombreflector Planetary Program

Photo by Darya Jumelya

ORTA Collective © ORTA Collective / Courtesy of the Artist
Guide-performer Alexandra Morozova at the LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre For the New Genius

Transdisciplinary art-group ORTA Collective (Alexandra Morozova, Rustem Begenov, Darya Jumelya, Alexandr Bakanov, Sabina Kuangaliyeva) from Almaty, Kazakhstan, LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club and CultureHub present Spectacular Experiments and the Grand Opening of the New York Planetary Center of the Great Atomic Bombreflector. The Grand Opening will launch a global art project, the Great Atomic Bombreflector, an “unprecedented Science Fiction Device'' intended to transform the destructive energy of Atomic Inhumanity into the globally uplifting forces of Genius. The event marks the opening of the New York Planetary Centre, as part of an ongoing project that will take place all over the world, collectively called “The Planetary Program of the Great Atomic Bombreflector.”  

The Great Atomic Bombreflector is a Spectacle-Ritual for as many as one thousand participants who will perform the transformation of the energies of Atomic Inhumanity into the colossal power of upliftment that is stored in every human and non-human being as genius. The creation of the complex Spectacle-Ritual will take two years and multiple experiments, research expeditions, discussions, contributions from dedicated searchers and practitioners from various fields and places on Earth. It is planned to be conducted in 2026 in the land of former test sites in Kazakhstan. The successful conduction of the Great Atomic Bombreflector will mean the start of the chain reaction of freeing the energy of genius of all the people of the world.

The Planetary Program of the Great Atomic Bombreflector will be launched at the legendary La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club–the beacon and the cradle of the true avant-garde theater searches and bold experiments by the most outstanding global artists. In three nights, ORTA Collective will conduct three Spectacular Experiments–immersive performances that will feature 3,000 square feet of aluminum foil and 10,000 artificial stones-genionites, unique Kazakh music instruments, collective practices of agitating everyone's Inner Genius, and Kazakh songs and Sergey Kalmykov’s interworld texts performed by Guide-Performer Alexandra Morozova. The results of the Experiments, along with every spectator who participates, will contribute to the creation of the Great Atomic Bombreflector.

From 1949 through 1989, Kazakhstan, then a Soviet colony, was subjected to more than 600 inhumane nuclear and thermonuclear explosions, which ruined the lives of more than 1.5 million people and caused irreparable ecological damage. The soil, surface, and atmosphere of Kazakhstan are the most nuclear-bombarded spot on the Earth, accumulating an unimaginable amount of dark, infernal energy of grief, horror, and dehumanization. How can this energy be transformed so that it does not lead to more disastrous wars, killings, and destruction, but gives people the power to transform the world into a better place, especially now when many believe that we are on a brink of nuclear apocalypse?

The Great Atomic Bombreflector aims to accomplish this transformation. This Sci-Fi Device was invented in the 1930s by the first Kazakhstani avant-garde artist, writer, inventor, thinker, and the Genius of the Absolute Interplanetary Category Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967), who prophetically declared the horrors of atomic weapons. From his ideas and life, ORTA Collective has been developing The New Genius Theory (or, simply, The New Genius)–a unique approach to life and creativity that sees genius as a practice anyone can perform as opposed to the traditional exclusive conception that attributes it to a rare, innate quality of exceptional individuals. The New Genius was presented to the world at the 59th Venice Biennale of contemporary art where ORTA Collective was curators and participants of Kazakhstan's first ever national pavilion. Their project ‘LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Center for New Genius’ was dedicated to Sergey Kalmykov who won great attention from an international audience and major publications thereby fulfilling the prophecy he wrote while living his life in poverty, loneliness and obscurity: ‘No artist has had a happiness that I have had! I am a professional genius unknown today, but I will remain for ages together with Picasso and Da Vinci!’

One of the key engines of the Great Atomic Bombreflector is the ‘Universal (people’s) sci-fi Composition of reality’–as it almost happened during the blossom of the sci-fi genre in the late 19–early 20 century when the ‘authors’–artists, writers, inventors– fantasized the future, space flights, discoveries of unknown worlds, and unseen technologies. Those ‘authors’ were not necessarily scientists or engineers, but the world we live in today is vastly outlined and determined by their ideas and visions. We believe, today, everyone can take part in the Composition of our reality.

The Spectacular Experiments on the Great Atomic Bombreflector is a co-production of ORTA Collective, CultureHub and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and was supported by ‘Caravan of Knowledge’ foundation and the ‘Pro.NRG’ festival, Chevron company, and Goethe-Institute Kazakhstan as a part of the First Phase of the Great Atomic Bombreflector Planetary Program.

Inga Lace, C-MAP Central and Eastern Europe Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art in New York:

“ORTA’s collaboration with Kalymkov’s work democratizes the often discredited idea of the genius by flipping it: we don’t come to the pavilion to gaze at the genius of an individual, but to discover our own through a collective experience. Focusing on an artist who never got the recognition he deserved during his lifetime also gives hope to those of us who are struggling to broaden art-historical narratives, making place and space for manifold voices, multiple timelines, and chronologies in different institutional platforms. ORTA’s work with Kalmykov’s legacy is not historical or didactic, but rather embodied and based on collective experience. As such, they make it seem as though Kalmykov is our contemporary, and they are constructing his proposed new reality—his new world—together.”

Billy Clark, Artistic Director of CultureHub:

“ORTA Collective [Kazakhstan] flips the idea of genius on its head. In ORTA’s world we are all genius….we just need to activate our genions….and to help us do that they are launching the New York Experiments of the Great Atomic Bombreflector, a ritual-spectacle performance installation that transforms the Community Arts Space at La MaMa into an otherworldly sci-fi masterpiece, one that seeks to reimagine our world and to transform it with the delicate and ephemeral elements of sound, collective action, spiritual envisioning, and humor. Kazakhstan has been the site of the largest number of nuclear tests in the world….ORTA seeks to develop humane technologies to counteract and reflect the trauma inflicted by these tests…their methods might seem speculative at the moment…but their ambition is real…and maybe what seems like sci-fi today, will be our reality tomorrow. Don’t miss this production….its only in town for 3 days and I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it.”

The GABR experimental research Centres:
Almaty GABR Center – led by ORTA Collective actress Alexandra Morozova, theater director Rustem Begenov, visual artist Alexandr Bakanov, designer and photographer Darya Jumelya, contemporary artist Sabina Kuangaliyeva. They are the initiators and leaders of the GABR project.

New York GABR Center – led by Billy Clark and based on the platform of CultureHub

Almaty GABR Technical Center – led by founder of Oi Creatives an architect Alina Alimzhanova and multidisciplinary designer Zhanna Ee

London GABR Center – led by an architect Zhaniya Alimzhanova.

Bishkek GABR Center – led by an artist and geophysicist Marat Raiymkulov.

Selected projects 

LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius, Venice, Italy

    The total audio-visual installation in Kazakhstan's first
    national pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale

    LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius is a symbol and manifesto of the Art of the New Genius!

    LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius is the first in a series of Centres for the New Genius to be opened all around the world over the next few years, decades and even centuries. 

    These are the goals of the Centre:

    - To share a whole new kind of human activity with the world – The Art of the New Genius – through “The Highness of the Worldwide Advertisement” (as coined by Kalmykov), that the Venice Biennale provides;

    - To use empirical evidence to find out whether it is possible to capture the emanations from the historic beauty that permeates Venice and that millions of people seek out during their visits to Venice every year;

    - To use the energy of these emanations to launch the Generator of Genius and to open a Portal to the Fourth Dimension;

    - To create a place that would simultaneously be a research centre, a place of reflection and peace, a place of art, a place of faith, and most importantly – a place of excitement of the Genius of Man;

    - To find out whether pavilion visitors are able to immerse themselves in the New Genius and avoid viewing our pavilion, our project, and ourselves as objects;

    - To open a Portal to the Fourth Dimension – to create an actual rift in our reality, in which we would come into contact with something, the existence of which we all intuitively and tacitly feel – something ancient but always genuinely “relevant”, or, in other words, effective and therefore extremely radical – the root dimension of Man and the world – something which is Unknowable, which is New, which is the Nonentity.


    Temporary Temple of the New Genius, Venice, Italy

      April 23, 2022 was the official opening day of the 59th Venice Biennale. It was also supposed to be the launching day of their monumental project – “LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius”. But the world had made its own adjustments – two trucks with devices, materials and equipment for the setup of the Centre prepared by our team in Almaty, did not arrive in Venice at the right time. The reason was Russia's war invasion of Ukraine which forced to change the transport routes of the trucks and made them eventually stuck on the new way.

      But no circumstances could stop us – nothing could stop the New Geniuses. 

      So, on the 23rd of April, 2022 we decided to start the project “LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius” in the form of an improvised Temporary Temple for the New Genius which we created in one week.

      Alexandr Bakanov created a visual solution made of around 500 square meters of cardboard and tin foil. Nurlan Sarsenov with Alexey Barychev and Ykylas Amalbekov handcrafted the Temple. They also bought 40 extension cables, one guitar and a couple of loudspeakers in local shops and set up for conducting a series of Spectacular Experiments led by Rustem Begenov.

      A Spectacular Experiment was a 40-minute performative event. Alexandra Morozova embroidered the Venetian Lion, read the special visionary text ‘In a course of a day’ by Sergey Kalmykov and sang a song ‘Beauty’ by Kazakhstani music band JCS. Sabina Kuangaliyeva gathered the photo-archive-data and along with Artyom Kim drew atmospheric patterns using Murano Glass. Darya Jumelya created the light stream with participation of Yelizaveta Barycheva and Alissa Igilmanova. The Experiments also included the important throwing of the Silver Balls, worshiping the genius of every visitor by singing their names and capturing the emanations of their Genions.

      We conducted 12 Spectacular Experiments attended by nearly 250 people to whom they are very grateful for they all have laid the foundation for the future Centre that was set for launching on the 17th of May, 2022.

      LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius was launched on the 17th of May, 2022. It was set to operate until the 20th of November, 2022. 

      Sacred Expositions of the Great and Immortal LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA
      Venice, Italy

      Published by the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Kazakhstan on the occasion of

      Pavilion of Kazakhstan at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

      Centre for the New Genius

      23 April – 27 November 2022 

      Participants and curators
      ORTA Collective:
      Alexandr Bakanov
      Rustem Begenov
      Darya Dzhumelya
      Sabina Kuangaliyeva
      Alexandra Morozova

      Meruyert Kaliyeva

      Sabina Kuangaliyeva
      Alexandra Morozova 
      Rustem Begenov
      Assel Jabassova 

      Translation and Editing
      Henryk Baran
      Alexandra Berlina
      Duman Nursila
      Text and the City

      Visual Identity, Design and Typography
      Jungl-e Bureau: 
      Creative producer – Sabina Kuangaliyeva
      Art director – Anel Abenova
      Graphics – Zhanna Ee, Qyzylzhebe

      Project coordinator
      Alexandra Kim

      ORTA Collective
      Lai-Pi-Chu-Plee-Lapa Centre for the New Genius: book / ORTA Collecitve. – Milan, 2022. – XXX p. 


      Texts © ORTA Collective, Igor Smekalov, Alexander Brener, Elena Kovalskaya, Sergey Maslov, Dmitriy Mazorenko, Valentina Buchinskaya, Heiner Goebbels

      Images © ORTA Collective, Chingiz Gumarov, 

      Cover image: Sergey Kalmykov, personal notes
      Published by Fontegrafica Lab S.r.l.

      Edition: 1000 copies

      The Second volume of the novel in a thousand volumes Guide to Sergey Kalmykov
      Almaty, Qazakhstan 

      Sergey Kalmykov
      Guide to Sergey Kalmykov

      ORTA Collective 

      Creative Producer
      Sabina Kuangaliyeva 

      Art Direction
      Jungl-e Nureau 
      Anel Abenova 

      Assel Jabbasova, Text and the Сity                          
      Igor Tanchik 

      English translation and editing
      Alex Warburton, Text and the City 
      Mariya Deykute
      Teresa Pearce 
      Victor Stropov 

      Text transcription
      Igor Kovalenko 
      Dana Iskakova 
      Darya Jumelya 
      Alexandr Bakanov 
      Laal Jandossova 
      Igor Tanchik 
      Kuralai Mandykayeva 

      Compiled by
      Alexandra Morozova 

      Design-layout and typography
      Jungl-e Bureau

      ORTA Collective
      Sergey Kalmykov, Guide to Sergey Kalmykov: book / ORTA Collective. – Almaty, 2022. – XXX p. 

      Print run of 100 copies / 100 copies 
      Almaty, 2022

      A Zen-extravaganza ‘The First Atomic Bombreflector’, Meyerhold Center, Moscow, Russia


      A special project for the NONAME 2021 festival – “The First Atomic Bombreflector”, a Zen-extravaganza.

      Co-produced by the ORTA Collective and The Meyerhold Theater Center in honor of 130th anniversary of Sergey Kalmykov’s birthday. 

      The Atomic Bombreflector is Sergey Kalmykov’s invention that transforms destructive energy into creative energy.

      ​ ”The First Atomic Bombreflector”, a Zen-extravaganza, is an installation that covers 1,000 square meters and contains 20 sacred displays embroidered by hand, costumes for the audiences created with 32,000 sheets of paper, the Fragile Orchestra made up of a hundred dombyras and two hundred lightbulbs, and a worship group that consists of twenty robots. The “First Atomic Bombreflector” captures the essence of the Theory of New Genius – the greatest system for approaching art, science, and life, which has the capacity to change the world.

       The launches of the First Atomic Bombreflector were accompanied by a total installation-exhibition of New Genius achievements of “New Genius Qazaqstan”: the achievements of Kazakhstan’s leading institutions of science and art in the field of the Art of New Genius were presented throughout the space of The Meyerhold Theater Center.


      First Reactor of Visible Phenomena
      Almaty, Qazakhstan

      A theater performance for 30 spectators.

      On January 20, 2021, the ORTA art collective launched its project at Aspan Gallery – the Total Performative Installation-Laboratory and the spectacular launch of the First Reactor of Visible Phenomena. Over the course of 8 days, the gallery space hosted a performance-laboratory preparing for a spectacular event based on the text "Communication" by the main Zen avant-gardist of the 20th century, composer and inventor John Cage. The culmination of the performance was the demonstration of four dramatic-musical spectacular launches featuring actress Alexandra Morozova, pianist Nurgul Nusipzhanova, the amateur charity choir "April," with scenography by Alexander Bakanov and direction by Rustem Begenov.

      The Total Performative Installation-Laboratory of the First Reactor of Visible Phenomena is an 8-day performance by the ORTA group, during which the gallery will function as a laboratory or a Temple of Art and Science to prepare for a spectacular launch.


      Almaty, Kazakhstan


      The First volume of the novel in a thousand volumes
      Almaty, Kazakhstan

      A performative presentation of the book in the marble room of the House of Officers that employs the practice of the Fragile Orchestra. 

      The newgenius mystery-manifesto “The Manifestation of the First Volume of the Book of Thousand Volumes” is a literary-exhibition performance based on the futurological text of the genius artist Sergey Kalmykov. “The Manifestation of the First Volume of the Book of Thousand Volumes” coincides with the publishing of “The First Volume of the Book of Thousand Volumes”. “The Manifestation” was created in accordance with Kalmykov’s Method of Practical Genius.
      This is the first book in a series of books with texts by the genius Kazakhstani artist and writer Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967). The First Volume includes some of Kalmykov's theoretical developments in the field of practical genius, several science-fiction essays, and the 8 laws of masterpiece creation. This edition is a joint project of the ORTA Center and Vlast Publishing House on the expression of Sergey Kalmykov's literary art. All of the texts were provided for publication by the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

      Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov
      Almaty, Kazakhstan / Moscow, Russia

      A large-scale performative installation/techno-mystery
      Brief trailer of the performative installation

      "Svetoprestavleniye" was inspired by the tragic but charismatic life of the mad avant-garde artist Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967) – a Russian artist, a student of Petrov-Vodkin, and according to legend it was he who gave his teacher the idea – and even posed for – the famous "Bathing of the Red Horse”. In 1937 Kalmykov left for the "distant city of Alma-Ata", where he worked at the local opera and ballet theater until his death, and had been the first and only urban "freak", who dressed himself in self-made bright clothes "visible from space" and described his global-scale projects to strangers on the streets. Kalmykov called himself a Genius of the First Rank of the Absolute Interplanetary Category and developed ideas and theories about art, science, architecture, society, and the human genius. The artist died in 1967 in complete obscurity, but he inspired generations of contemporary local artists and he has left behind more than 10,000 pages of manuscripts stored in the State Archive of Kazakhstan, as well as over 1,500 paintings, drawings and lithographs, which are housed in the collections of the Kasteev State Museum of Fine Arts, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum and the Orenburg Museum of Fine Arts.
       "Svetoprestavleniye" is the central part of the "The Streak of Immortality" project https://sergeikalmykov.webflow.io/ –  an endless creation of installations, exhibition projects, photographs, video art, audio art, and books – as a result of working with the textual, visual, semantic and life-creating assets of 10,000 manuscript pages and 1,500 paintings of the genius, the stupid cretin, the science-fiction projector, and the grandmaster of linear arts, Sergey Kalmykov. “Svetoprestavleniye” premiered in Almaty on May 26, 2018. Svetoprestavleniye was the headliner of the "New Drama" international festival  (The Meyerhold Center, Moscow) and a nominee for the Grand Prix of the 2018 Sergey Kuryokhin Award.

      Pop-mechanical performance “Medea.Material”
      Almaty, Kazakhstan / Moscow, Russia

      The interdisciplinary stage project by ORTA Collective

      Teaser of Medea.Material

      A pop-mechanical performance for 16 models, 6 musicians, 4 screens, 3 cameras and 2 voices. A technogenic mystery play at the crossroads of theater, performance, a concert of contemporary classical music and automatic ballet. The texts are based on Heiner Müller's "Medeamaterial" and Olzhas Suleimenov's "AZ i YA". The first ever Kazakhstani theatrical production of Heiner Müller is a landscape musical theatre, where music, machinery, human body, scenography, costumes and texts are in equal relationships and equal in their presence. And in this new technological and sterile world, where the hierarchy of things is absolutely absent, and consciousness has accepted its fragmentation – what is the place of man and what is now the crown of creation?

      What are the criteria to judge human beauty and feminine beauty? What if the world is just stuck on the shore of new life and the transition will never be accomplished, the ritual will not be completed, the rebirth will never take place? "Medea.Material" is a participant of the 18th NET Festival (New European Theatre) in Moscow, 2016, as well as a nominee for the Grand Prix of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, St. Petersburg, 2016