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First ever 3-D model of a real activated genion particle, rendered by Sabina Kuangaliyeva on October 29, 2022, with the use of data acquired during Spectacular Experiments at "LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius." © ORTA Collective / Courtesy of the Artist, 2022.

The New Genius

Based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the five-member ORTA Collective discovered the life and works of Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967), a Kazakhstani and Soviet artist known as "the Genius of the Absolute Interplanetary Category." Kalmykov creatively resisted Soviet norms by pretending insanity, developing unique artistic concepts and scientific ideas. Despite experiencing two World Wars, the Communist civil war, and Stalin’s terror, he maintained that everyone could lead a genius life, regardless of circumstances. Dying poor and unacknowledged in a psychiatric hospital in 1967, his legacy later found recognition; his artworks were housed in the State Museum of Arts, and his writings in the State Archive of Kazakhstan, with Kazakhstan dedicating its first pavilion at the Venice Biennale to him 55 years after his death.

The ORTA Collective suggests that Kalmykov may have influenced reality with his practices, similar to how science fiction visionaries in the past shaped modernity with their imaginations. They developed a theory from Kalmykov’s principles, dubbed the "New Genius." This theory posits that all beings harbor internal genius, termed "Genions," which can be activated under special conditions. Contrary to traditional views that equate genius with natural talent, the New Genius theory asserts that genius is an actionable choice, empowering anyone to live creatively and impact reality.

Introduced at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022, the New Genius concept was well-received, indicating its potential global relevance. The New Genius World Project aims to expand this philosophy, encouraging global participation in redefining genius beyond traditional artistic, scientific, and philosophical boundaries. Through this collective envisioning, the ORTA Collective invites everyone to contribute to this innovative school of thought, fostering a world shaped by shared creativity and future possibilities.


ORTA Collective is an interdisciplinary artistic group founded in 2015 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, by actress and performer Alexandra Morozova and director Rustem Begenov. Later, the collective was joined by contemporary artist Sabina Kuangaliyeva, artist Alexandr Bakanov, and photo and video designer Darya Jumelya. ORTA explores the possibilities of human creativity through the creation of Universal Projects that span theater, contemporary art, video and film, technology, philosophy, robotics, electronic engineering and crafts. Since 2016, ORTA's primary focus has been on the figure of Kazakhstani artist, writer, and inventor Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967), from whose life and texts the collective has been developing the New Genius Theory. This approach to life and creativity views genius as a practice that anyone can learn, rather than a natural gift bestowed upon exceptional people. Selected projects: Pop-mechanical performance ‘Medea.Material’ (co-production with Goethe-Institute, NET-2016 festival participant, nomination to Kuryokhin Gran-prix award); large-scale techno-mystery Svetoprestavleniye Sergey Kalmykov (NEW DRAMA -2018 festival headliner, nomination to Kuryokhin Gran-prix award); LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Center for the New Genius (national pavilion of Kazakhstan at 59th Venice Biennale, 2022). ORTA is currently working on the Planetary Program on the creation of the first ever Great Atomic Bombreflector.

Selected publications: 

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LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius, Venice, Italy

    The total audio-visual installation in Kazakhstan's first
    national pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale

    LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius is a symbol and manifesto of the Art of the New Genius!

    LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre for the New Genius is the first in a series of Centres for the New Genius to be opened all around the world over the next few years, decades and even centuries. 

    These are the goals of the Centre:

    - To share a whole new kind of human activity with the world – The Art of the New Genius – through “The Highness of the Worldwide Advertisement” (as coined by Kalmykov), that the Venice Biennale provides;

    - To use empirical evidence to find out whether it is possible to capture the emanations from the historic beauty that permeates Venice and that millions of people seek out during their visits to Venice every year;

    - To use the energy of these emanations to launch the Generator of Genius and to open a Portal to the Fourth Dimension;

    - To create a place that would simultaneously be a research centre, a place of reflection and peace, a place of art, a place of faith, and most importantly – a place of excitement of the Genius of Man;

    - To find out whether pavilion visitors are able to immerse themselves in the New Genius and avoid viewing our pavilion, our project, and ourselves as objects;

    - To open a Portal to the Fourth Dimension – to create an actual rift in our reality, in which we would come into contact with something, the existence of which we all intuitively and tacitly feel – something ancient but always genuinely “relevant”, or, in other words, effective and therefore extremely radical – the root dimension of Man and the world – something which is Unknowable, which is New, which is the Nonentity.